Introducing SmartPicx by Journalbooks

July 2nd, 2013

We wanted a way to link a promotional giveaway to our website, both to boost traffic and provide more information in a digital format. But as design snobs, we weren't exactly thrilled about using QR codes because they tend to take up precious ad space and can be a bit of an eyesore on a beautiful book. We wanted to show our tech savvy without sacrificing the design of the book and the effect of full-color digital images.

Introducing SmartPicx Technology!

The Smartpicx technology allows us to include full-color, digital images with unique watermark icons that can be scanned by any smartphone for instant access to specific web pages we've chosen to link. The resulting book is both a practical physical giveaway item with our company logo, and and a high-tech tool for distributing accurate information easily and immediately.

Using Smartpicx

  1. Search for the Digimarc Discover App from the iTunes App Store or Android Market.
  2. Hold your Smart phone about 3-5” parallel to the page with your viewing screen facing you.
  3. Slowly move your phone toward the page, allowing your camera to focus on the image or hot spot (see below).
  4. The Digimarc App will automatically detect the content.

Optional Hot Spots

Take advantage of using multiple hotspots in your image to place specific content links. Have a hotspot that links to a video tutorial, a company blog, your companies facebook page, or various products on your website. Or if you want to keep things simple, just have the entire image link to one specific location.

If you are interested in using this technology simply contact for more info.

Written by Elise Anderson
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